Boyd Baxter is the only son of Kristin Baxter and Ryan Vogelson". In Season 1, he was portrayed by either Evan or Luke Kruntchev, both of whom are twins, but is replaced by Flynn Morrison from Season 2 onwards in accordance with the character aging. He first appeared in the episode "Last Baby Proofing Standing".

He was 2 in the start of the series, but his age jumped 3 years in between the first and second seasons.


Boyd was born when his parents were still in high school. He moved out of the Baxter home and into an apartment with his parents in the third season. He originally went to Wilson Elementary, but was later transferred to Clark, a better option. Later on in the show, Boyd was pulled out of Clark, and nowadays Ryan homeschools him.


He is Mike's little shadow and loves to spend time with him and play jokes on his family.


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